Vogliamo tutto is a performance developed in collaboration with Roxane Bovet. It stems from the writing of a film script that we started during our duo-residency at the Swiss Institute of Rome (2020-21). The script and the performance are about the myths that our contemporary neoliberal societies try to pass off as natural: the idea of competition as the only driving force for evolution; the blind faith in progress and perpetual improvement; but also the idea of social roles, reputation, representation and the networking which, in contemporary art, is inseparable from it.


The performance is performed continuously during the two days of "Proximities" (25-26.06.21) - a major institutional event that closes the residencies of the Swiss Institute in Rome and allows to present to a large audience the research that has been developed during the Italian parenthesis.


The performance is set in an installation, a sort of three-dimensional collage, composed of a wallpainting, textual fragments, Indian ink drawings and printed diagrams. In this setting, two performers pretend to be us. On the Institute's website, their photo has replaced ours, for the public of the Italian capital and in the archives, they are us.


Based on the installation, the duo present the research we have conducted in Rome, they talk about our practices in general and come back on the experience of the residency. To the audience, the discussion seems natural, yet the performers follow a script designed like the "loops" of Westworld. Each question triggers a response directed at the underlying topic: contemporary myths. Each element discussed is a pretext to reveal without explaining, to show to see without inculcating.


The majority of visitors will leave the space without having noticed anything, perhaps with the vague impression that we are weird. They take with them one of our official business cards provided by the Institute to which a stamp have been added for the occasion. The stamp, as a clue, will guide them to this web page, the only place where the performance will be revealed.