Acrylic, printed dibond panels, wood, 5m x 36m, 2021-22


The Future Doesn’t Need us is an intervention I did on the backwall of the Kunsthalle Basel, on an invitation by Elena Filipovic. It’s a project in the public space that stays visible for almost one year (September 2021 - August 2022)


The project is a multi-layered composition consisting of a wall painting on which framed printed drawings are hung. Fifteen new drawings have been made especially for this occasion. The fragments that make up the ensemble are taken from or refer to a very wide field of references, both theoretical and visual: popular culture, « cinema d’auteur », academic knowledge, digital sciences, art history, communication and economic sciences, political discourse, etc.


The wall is a kind of cartography of my thought and research, a moodboard - the temporary crystallization of a mental panorama at a pivotal moment of my practice. The idea is to play with the tension between the figurative and the abstract, the intuitive and the exact, the human and the machine.