Bar, shrimp costume, car, stickers, selfie stick, sound, 2019


No reason is the title of a performance. It took place during a duo show, “Crash Test” with the artist Oliviero Fiorenzi at Sonnenstube (Lugano) in December 2019.


The performance was a kind of absurd guided car tour of the art space. Visitors were welcomed in a “rock’n’roll” bar pastiche where for every drink ordered a numbered ticket was offered. Between two Mötorhead’s songs, a speakerine called certain numbers to follow her. The “lucky” numbers were then invited to get into a car driven by a performer in a shrimp suit. The audience listened to a sound piece before the car started moving. The car then drove around inside the old Fiat factory (espace Morel) to a sort of white cube inside which a car-piece by the artist Oliviero Fiorenzi was installed. The spectators were then invited to make a selfie with their shrimp driver, before being escorted back by car to the bar.


The sound piece broadcast during the journey was a poem, dedicated to the notion of “no reason”. It questioned the part of “no reason”, the part of chance, in artistic production.

Do you wanna B MW GT, Oliviero Fiorenzi 2019

Do you wanna B MW GT, Oliviero Fiorenzi 2019